SHarecon 2012



Vid Show

We will be hosting several (awesome) vid shows at the con. We'd like to try some new ideas this year just to shake things up.

Friday night dinner: What about a dance party? If it works for weddings, why not for our con?

Saturday night extravaganza: Our Saturday night vid show usually focuses on premiering vids, and other fan favorites including historical (tape) vids. All genres, all styles.

Vidders: If you'd like to submit a vid to the con, talk to Flamingo,, about acceptable formats and how to submit. If you want to send a premiering vid, we ask that you refrain from posting that vid on the web until Tuesday, October 18.

Attending Members: If you have a favorite SH vid you'd love to see on a big screen at SHareCon, let Flamingo know,

We would like to have all vids submitted to the con prior to September 1.






art by L.A. Pinn