SHarecon 2018 October 19-22, 2018


Attending membership prices reflect con attendance only. Food options will be arranged separately. Attending memberships will not be sold at the door.

Supporting memberships are for folks who can't attend the con but want to support it. Supporting members receive all printed con materials, including The SHareCon Zine in both print and electronic format. The con packet is shipped shortly after the con. A supporting membership costs $35, which includes postage. There is no deadline for supporting memberships.

Refund policy for anyone who has to cancel membership. We understand that circumstances beyond anyone's control can require attending members to cancel their membership. However, the con is required to pay the hotel on a specific schedule. Because of this, we've established the following refund policy for con members. If a con member wishes to cancel their attending membership, the following dates will determine their ability to receive a refund.

Through August 15, we will refund full membership.
From August 16 through September 15, membership converts to supporting ($40) and we will refund the difference.
After September 15, we cannot grant refunds.
This schedule allows the con to cover our nonrefundable expenses and pay the hotel.

Prices through June 1st:
Attending Membership (all weekend): $50
Attending Membership (any one day): $35

Prices from June 2nd through August 25th:
Attending Membership (all weekend): $60
Attending Membership (any one day): $40

Prices from August 26th through October 14th:
Attending Membership (all weekend): $70
Attending Membership (any one day): $45



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Attending Membership

$50 Attendance at the con for the entire weekend

$35 One-Day Membership Friday

$35 One-Day Membership Saturday

$35 One-Day Membership Sunday

Supporting Membership

$35 Supporting Membership (includes postage)

Optional Donation

This is completely voluntary. Any amount is appreciated.
Please enter only a number, do not enter a "$".



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Check or Money Order



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