SHarecon 2016



Art Show/Print Shop

Suzan has once again graciously offered to run the art show. If you have SH art or prints you're interested in selling or in REselling, contact for details.

Art Show Rules

We will be accepting any Starsky & Hutch art pieces for the art show, including original art, limited prints, hand-drawn and computer generated art, crafts and art RESALES, so if you have some classic S&H art that you're thinking of parting with, drop a note to and ask for details.

We will be accepting art by mail. We will also have a print shop. You can mail us prints you'd like us to sell at the con. The Con is only charging a 5% fee on sales.

Any questions, please email .

Art Show/Print Shop Guidelines

1. We will accept only S&H items. Closely-related material will be considered. (No, the argument that in a fan story Starsky is shown to be Blair's father, therefore J/B is acceptable is not. On the other hand, a pot of black bean soup, conceptually, might be fine (artistically, we do not judge), but will leave a lot to be desired practically, so please just use good common sense.)

2. New and resale art in good condition will be accepted. Matted originals and matted single prints will go into the Art Show/Auction. Multiple prints will go into the Print Shop and will be sold at preset prices. The latter need not be matted, but for the safety of your work we recommend that you package them in plastic and if possible use backboards.

3. The con takes 5% commission on all sales and there will be no hanging-fees.

4. The Art-Show room will open at 10:00 AM Friday. You can check your art in anytime you please during the open-hours, but consider that the sooner you get your entries in the longer they can be viewed. The Print Shop will start sales at noon on Friday, and will go on until noon on Sunday.

5. If you're entering items in both the Art Show and the Print Shop, please use two separate Control Sheets accordingly.

6. Before you bring or mail your artwork: for the Art Show items, put the control number of the piece (your membership # on your badge followed by the piece #, as in 087-3), the title, the name of the artist, and the minimum bid on the back of each item for extra safety (the little bid sheets sometimes part company from the piece). For the Print Shop items, put the control number and the title of the piece on each copy.

7. Items that get two bids will go to Auction. Single bid items will be sold to that bidder. Bids need to be in whole dollar increments.

8. Auction, pickup and payoff times will be posted later. However, checks for artists and sellers will be made out before the end of the con. Artists and sellers present at the con will be paid before the end of the con.

9. Charity items will be sold during the Charity Auction, and will be displayed elsewhere. The Art Auction will be held separately.

10. Please send the mail-in art in time to arrive by, the latest, Monday, October 1st . Contact for the mailing address. Unsold items and your check for the ones sold will be mailed the week following the convention. Package your items as securely as you can, and we'll do our best to do the same for the returns. The return postage will be deducted from the sales; in case of no sales, we ask you to please reimburse the con.

Since we can't have an art show otherwise:



art by L.A. Pinn